UV Flatbed

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About Our UV Flatbed Services

Unlike normal printing in which ink is deposited into paper, UV Flatbed printing places ink on the surface and almost instantly uses UV light to cure the ink to the material of choice. At SignPros, we bond ink to a variety of substrates including:

Painting a house is similar to UV Flatbed Printing. Instead of ink going into the material as laserjet ink does with paper, the ink sits on top of the material’s surface. Then UV light cures the ink, setting it so it does not smear off

Beyond the versatility of flatbed printing, it is also economical. There are no wasted ink cartridges or air pollution like other printing methods, nor do you need plates or silkscreens. The environmental impact of using a UV Flatbed printer is less than that of different printing processes.

What is even more impressive – UV ink is waterproof, sunproof, and scratch-resistant! You can rest assured that your materials will be safe outdoors, no matter how sunny or rainy the season is.

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